We don’t get you just any job; we get you the job that fits you best

With the right job, you get more than just a workplace. The right job also has a sifnificant effect on your overall quality of life. To us, it’s important to be seen not just as an adviser to our customers, but also as a point of contact for those applying for jobs. We believe it is our task to bring together the relevant profile and the right person in an optimal way that satisfies everyone involved. When you come to us as an applicant, we’ll go through the following steps with you:

CV check: In this first step we take a look at the hard facts: do your qualifications match the requirements for the job profile in question?

Interview: We invite each candidate that makes it onto the short list to do an interview with one of our HILL experts. This is the chance for you to present yourself in person, to speak in detail about your background, and to get more information about the position and your future employer.

HILL Competence Analysis©: The process objectively identifies personal and social orientations, skills and individual strengths, helping us get to know you better. We compare the job profile and individual characteristics to objectively determine which of the candidates is the best match. After all, a well-functioning, long-lasting relationship should arise between you and the company!

Presentation: Once you’re counted amongst the top candidates, you have the opportunity to meet your potential employer in person, to ask questions and to present yourself from your good side. In some cases additional hearings or the assessment center is used to establish an even more nuanced picture of who you are. Good luck!

Signing the contract: Finally, the customer chooses a person, and you specify all the basic parameters you envision for your working relationship and your start date.

Onboarding: We’re also by your side during the first 100 days to make your start as smooth and easy as possible for both you and your employer.