Why is methodology such a priority for us? Because we believe in it. And because it also distinguishes us from other companies on the market. Of course, methodology is not an end in itself: it's about quickly and precisely getting to the heart of the matter. Ultimately, it's about important decisions that can cost time and money. Hours and days of your life.

HILL Competence Analyses

We believe that interviews alone are not enough to comprehend a person in their entirety. At least not in a limited amount of time. That's why our test procedure, the HILL competence analysis, is integrated into all of our processes. It allows us to make accurate statements about the potential hidden in individuals, who is the best fit for which team, or which measures should be taken before taking the next career step.

Don't worry, we don't waste time or money. The candidate always only goes through the modules relevant to the scope of work. Also in Estonian or Mandarin and an evaluation text in Romanian. 28 languages give us and you a lot of flexibility.


Is the personality really a match for the requirements of the position? Using 288 statements, we can create a sophisticated profile for an individual and understand their behaviour and moods in various life situations.

Ability Profile

Complex, logical problem solving, verbal skills or retentiveness: who has the right abilities for a specific challenge? And where is there a need to catch up? We make clear statements on these matters.


Individual career goals are a special motivator. Get to know your personal interest factors and create optimal opportunities for development.

Management Competency

It's not just ability that counts. The management style also needs to fit the company culture. We analyse management competence in terms of know-how and style and can work with you to plan targeted opportunities for further development and application.

Selling Style

Who is ideal for your sales team? Different situations and products call for different sales styles. We show you how a person acts in every phase of the sale. This allows you to establish specific, targeted development measures.

Performance & Concentration

An imprecise accountant? A pilot who has some trouble concentrating? Being able to clearly and neutrally see a person's work speed, precision and work style in the performance & concentration gradient analysis is a good thing.